If you want to sell a property through our API agency, you can contact us by phone 972.75.07.70, by email to, or through the form of our Web page.

To formalize the sale of your property, in compliance with article 55, no. 5b, no. 6 and no. 7 of Law 18/2007, of December 28 of the right to housing, before starting the offer of a property is required to subscribe between the real estate agent and the owner who entrusts the transaction of a property (hereinafter called " the client ") a note of order that authorizes the first to make offer and publicity, to receive amounts or to formalize with third parties any pre-contract or contract.

The order note will include the price of the offer, the registration data, the cadastral reference of the property, the duration of the order and the agent's remuneration (which will consist of a fixed amount or a percentage of the sales price agreed between the agent and the client).

The agent will also be obliged to verify prior subscription of any document with third parties, the data provided by the client or his agent and the registration title, charges and encumbrances of the real estate.

As a seller, you will undertake to release the property that is transmitted of charges and encumbrances before signing the public deed of sale, and to deliver the property free of occupants and tenants and current payment of all taxes, excise taxes and community expenses.


To receive information about a property for sale, you can contact us by phone 972.75.07.70, by email to, or through the form on our website .

In order to formalize the purchase-sale commitment of a property, a private contract will be signed between the seller and the buyer, which will specify all the conditions that will govern the operation, the price of the sale, and the manner in which the buyer will deliver to the seller the amount established.

In compliance with article 60 of the Law of the right to housing 18/2007, of December 28, you, as a buyer will be informed of the following points:
  • Agent that will intervene in the transaction.
  • The total price of the transmission, the taxes levied on the transmission that legally correspond to the buyer (VAT, or Transfer Tax), and the other expenses inherent to the purchase that are attributable to it (notary invoice, invoice of the Registry of the Property, processing of necessary documentation for the sale, hiring of supplies, management of changes of owner, etc.)
  • The economic and financial conditions of the transfer, especially the initial entry, the form and payment terms, the amounts that must be deposited on account, and the remaining amounts to be delivered according to the terms agreed between the seller and the buyer.
  • Identification of the property object of the sale, with the expression of its useful surface and that of the annexes.
  • Cadastral reference of the property.
  • Registration of the property.
  • Charges and liens that may affect the real estate object of the operation.
  • Ailments of any nature that may affect the property object of the operation.
  • State of occupation of the property.
  • Services and individual and common facilities available to the property.
  • For dwellings under the horizontal property regime: Participation fee in the Community of Owners.